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Staying Healthy

Getting a cold or flu sucks. If you're poor, it sucks worse. Taking a few days off work can be catastrophic or impossible when you really need the money. Medicine is expensive. Stress and not resting make you stay sicker longer.

Anyone have tips for staying healthy? Here are mine:

1. Sleep, sleep, sleep. Figure out how many hours you need to sleep at night in order to not feel tired and get at least that much every night. At the very least, when you start feeling that ache in your sinuses or scratchyness in your throat, go to bed early enough for a crazy sleepfest. For me that's 10 hours before the alarm is set to go off in the morning.

2. If you go to school full time, and your campus has a health center, use it. When I was in school I could get over the counter medicine for $1 - $5 and doctor's appointments were free.

3. I swear by this tea. I drink it when I first get a sign of the tired/sore throat/burning sinuses feeling, and then I sleep as much as I can. I've headed off many a cold that way.

4. Nutrition and exercise are a given. Easier said than done.

5. Don't use antibacterial soaps or sterilize things like crazy around the house. For most people, being around some germs builds a healthy immune system. No, this isn't your excuse to let the dishes fester, but you don't need to be the scary lady in the Lysol commercial.


Sep. 13th, 2007 08:55 pm (UTC)
dont forget that cranberry juice can help prevent or stop a mild yeast infection!

barring that, thers nothing quite like good ol oj.


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