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Red Beans And Rice And A Word on Bacon

This was a recipe my mother used quite frequently when I was young and is one of my favorites. When I was very small (and ridiculously picky), I used to add mozerella cheese. Now I love the recipe as is and wouldn't dream of adding the cheese, but if you're starved for calcium, it might be well worth it.

Red Beans and Rice

Put the following ingredients in a crock pot or in a pot on the stove:

-One to two cans pinto or kidney beans
-One clove garlic, chopped fine
-1/2 to 1 bay leaf
-Either 2-3 strips bacon (I cook mine first if I'm cooking on the stove) or a ham hock (if using ham hock, cook it and then cut meat off bone to put in beans)
-At least a cup of water with optional boullion to keep it from cooking dry (I'd recommend keeping an eye on it to make sure this doesn't happen)
-Add desired amount of Tabasco (I use loads, but my mother doesn't use any)
-Let cook for 45 minutes on stovetop or two hours in the crock pot (give or take)
-Cook rice
-Ladle beans over rice and serve

Although my mother's recipe calls for ham hocks OR bacon, I always use bacon, as it is slightly cheaper and the rest of the package can be used to flavor other things. Bacon is one of the best flavoring for beans or eggs in existence, as it is hideously cheap (if you only use one or two strips per recipe and your recipe stretchs over several meals or feeds multiple people). It's not that unhealthy if used merely for flavoring. If you're not all that concerned about health, save the grease, as it can be used to grease pans and add a hint of bacon flavoring.



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Sep. 16th, 2007 08:14 am (UTC)
Oops. Forgot the bay leaf. You should add a bay leaf too.
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